The modern way to send postcards.

With Skypaper, send one or more postcards to one or more recipients worldwide at once from €1.40 per recipient.

How does it work?

  • 1
    Capture the present moment

    Capture the present moment

    Capture your most beautiful memories directly with the application or add your best shots from your phone and edit them easily.

  • 2
    Write your message

    Write your message

    Give free rein to your imagination when adding a few lines to liven up this shot.

  • 3
    Select your recipients

    Select your recipients

    Choose or add one or more recipients who will receive your postcards freshly created.

  • 4
    Validate and it's on its way

    Validate and it's on its way

    Validate and pay your cart to send your postcards all around the world.

  • How much does it cost?

    A postcard will cost you from €1.40 to €2 maximum.
    We offer also many packs of credits at decreasing prices which allow you to pay only €1.40 for a postcard.

  • When does it get to its destination?

    Delivery times vary from one country to another.
    We found an average lead time of 3 to 5 working days, regardless of the country of destination.

We can send 1 postcard to 1,000 people, we can send 1,000 postcards to 1 person
but we can also send 1,000 postcards to 1,000 people.
Isabelle B.