About Skypaper

Skypaper is a sending postcard service all around the world in a quick and easy way. Take a photo with your phone - or select one from your library - write your message, choose your recipient, and that’s it!

Project’s story

We are in 2016, and since a few years now, Franck, Christopher and Nicolas collaborate to imagine and create the most appropriate software solutions for their company's customers. Curious to test new development techniques and languages, Franck propose to his two colleagues a side project that will allow them to experiment components that were relatively new at the time: Skypaper was born.

After technically setting up the project, they decided to really launch it and turn it into a company. Development continues and a year later the first closed beta of Skypaper is launched and then, six months later, the first public beta. Summer 2018 will be a promising launch with thousands of postcards sent to a dozen different countries.

In 2019, they officially launched the first public version of Skypaper with the aim of democratizing and bringing postcard up to date.

About us

Skypaper is composed of Franck, Christopher and Nicolas, three French developers. Thanks to Skypaper you can send one or more postcards to one or more recipients wherever they are, wherever you are, for a maximum of 2€ per recipient, postage included. Your postcards will be delivered from 3 to 5 average working days, depending of the destination.

Download the application on iOS or Android now and send your first postcard!

Download the application

We can send 1 postcard to 1,000 people, we can send 1,000 postcards to 1 person
but we can also send 1,000 postcards to 1,000 people.
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